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Awseome Hanson Concert!

OMG!!!!!!I just went to the most awesome Hanson concert in Atlanta!!!!!

Me and my friend went,we left at ten in the morning,drove four hours to Atlanta.Got there at three their time,lined up for four hours.Had to sit through two opening bands that sucked.BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT TO SEE HANSON!!I soooo wish I could play the piano like Taylor....can I go to his house and take lessons?lol I have that piano book that they released,middle of nowhere.He just about beat that poor piano to pieces playing it.

Zac is soooo cute!He was playing the drums and he was grinning so much,it just made me melt....

We where in the balcony of the Roxie.Me,my friend,and only a couple of other people stood up the whole time!That kinda made me mad....but oh well.Zac was lookin up in the balcony a whole lot to,I think he was lookin at me!lol just kidding.Isaac was like "You guys in the balcony!Stand up!Come on,sing!" and as soon as he said guys in the balcony I screamed and Zac was like "Yeah,you guys!"Wow Zac Hanson actually heard my voice!lol how pathetic am I?Thats all for now!

Hey you need to buy that Live and Electric cd Hanson has out,its an audio cd and a dvd!I already ordered mine.

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