vgtad (vgtad) wrote in alhansonfans,

Hanson FOR SALE! ...

I only have a few thngs left, and this stuff is going fast, so get yours while you can!

Here is a list, or simply CLICK HERE for pictures and info...

MOE Magazine issues 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7: $7 each or $35 for all.

Totally Taylor: Hanson's Heartthrob Book: $2

Hanson: For the Record Book: $4

Hanson: Ultimate Trivia Book: $2

Hanson Unauthorized Biography: $2

Dancin' With Hanson by Ravi Book: $3

MOE Charter Membership Card: $3

8x10 Glossy Promo Photo: $4

5x7 Glossy Promo Photos (Set of 3): $5

Concert Flyer from Albertane Tour 1998: $1

Set of Real film photographs of entire Hanson family: $25

Got Milk? Poster: $10

Full Size Posters (4 different ones to choose from): $20 each or $75 for all 4.

Real film photograph from 1994(?) blown up poster size: $5

CDs: $5 each 
MMMBop US Single
MMMBop Austrailian Single
I Will Come to You US Single
Thinking of You Austrailian Single
I Will Come to You Austrailian Single
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